An extensive collection of Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War naval swords and dirks as illustrated in my book, “U.S. Naval Officers. Their Swords and Dirks”, published in 2004. Now you have the opportunity to purchase some of these historic and well documented items for your own collection. In addition to swords and dirks, other items for sale include cutlasses, pistols, belt plates, flags, images and other types of US Navy and naval edged weapons.

As collectors, we are all temporary custodians of the antiquities we collect. It’s time to pass my sword and dirk collection on to the next generation of custodians.

As a longtime collector, I want to ensure that the items I’ve collected over the years and made available for sale on this site go to collectors like myself who appreciate their historic significance and will hold and care for them so they can be passed on to the next generation of like minded collectors. My objective is to make sure that everyone who purchases one of my items is completely satisfied and everything is sold with a no questions asked money back guarantee.



                                                      Updated April 2016